Saturday, October 15, 2016 ~ 2 pm to 5 pm

The CCCNY is pleased to invite you to a closing party for Sun Light, a solo exhibition by Cuban artist Alexi Torres at UNIX Gallery in Chelsea, which has run to critical acclaim for five weeks. This marks his second exhibition with the gallery. This new body of work features portraits of Cuban nationals, including friends and family from his homeland of the Bermeja village, 70 miles southeast of Havana. These striking paintings are a departure in subject matter for Torres, who is known for is large-scale cultural iconography and international symbology. Using his unique painting technique of reconstructing his subjects in a detailed, meticulous pattern inspired by the agrarian lifestyle of his friends and family, Torres has chosen a more intimate approach to capturing his subjects first with black and white photography. The result is a compelling, detailed artistic portrayal of how we are connected as humanity and strengthened by our inherent worth as human beings.

Torres chose black and white photography to capture each portrait lit by the sun. The natural light combined with the highlighted contours and lines of each subject’s unique features express the artist’s theme of unity, that we are both individual and simultaneously one with the whole of humanity. “It is my hope that those who view these paintings will make a similar connection and that even my friends and family will feel somehow liberated by the experience of seeing themselves outside of their confined lives in Cuba,” Torres explains.

For over a decade Torres has, “enjoyed the benefits and freedom of living in a democracy.” The artist conveys this universal theme in the intricately painted multi-layered basket weaving technique, which speaks to the economy and ecology of Cuba and its people. In light of the stringent governmental control of information, Torres’ elaborate portraiture captures the struggle and seeming impossibility for the average Cuban to see beyond the strife for life essentials, often taken for granted elsewhere. “I could see an innocence and vulnerability behind their eyes,” he explains. “On a deeply personal level I felt interconnectedness with these individuals, which allowed me to bring their narrative to life not only for me but for the whole world.”

To discover the artist in his own words, CLICK HERE

Come celebrate Alexi’s artwork and enjoy an afternoon of SUN LIGHT, wine and Cuban pastries!
Admission is free and open to the public. Please RSVP at:

UNIX Gallery
532 West 24th Street, NYC
(between 10th & 11th Aves.)


Alexi Torres (b. 1976, Cuba)alexi-torres
attended the National School of Arts
in Havana, Cuba.
His work can be found in major
private and public collections,
including the private collections
of Will Smith (Los Angeles, CA);
Hoover Public Library (Hoover, AL);
Addo Foundation (Atlanta, GA);
Besharat Contemporary (Atlanta, GA);
and Museum of Art Matanzas (Cuba).

For all press inquiries regarding
this exhibit and/or closing party,
contact Robert Berry
at 212-209-1572




This event is co-sponsored by UNIX Gallery




With the promotional support of
Diario de Cuba and Havana/NewYork