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Friday, April 11, 2014 @ 6:30 pm


An exclusive New York City screening of Eliécer Jiménez Almeida‘s critically acclaimed documentary, Entropía, awarded Grand Prize for Best Documentary at the XI Audiovisual Festival ”Por Primera Vez” in Holguín, Cuba in 2013. Composed from a myriad of film and news sources, the film is, at first glance, a conceptually dissonant collage of images and voices, yet these gradually converge into a coherent artistic commentary. Although the cinematic discourse may be jarring and invasive, it nonetheless challenges the viewer to be at once witness, victim,  protagonist, and judge of a chaotic sociopolitical implosion.

Born in Camagüey in 1983, Eliécer Jiménez Almeida entropia director[1]has excelled as both director, screenwriter, and film critic.  Among his most notable works are the short Para un príncipe enano, and the documentaries Reportaje and Usufructo, winner, among other awards, of the SIGNIS Prize from the Asociación Católica Mundial
para la Comunicación.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the audience, led by Cuban writer Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, who is about to launch with O/R Books in New York the new narrative anthology CUBA IN SPLINTERS. ORLANDO_L_PARDO_LAZO[1]Alluding to the controversy surrounding Entropía, and in praise of the film, Mr. Pardo Lazo has written: Este documental es sobre una nación entrópica, disantropológica. Recortería post-nacional sin derechos de autor, corte-y-pega que no se queda en el traspatio fílmico de nuestros Aleas y Tabíos y Elpidio Valdés y Fernando Pérez y Nicolasito Guillén y Miguel Coyula, sino que salta, en su movimiento browniano de molécula revolucionaria, tan hípercinética como hípercinematográfica, de Vertov a Tarkovsky, de Orson Welles a Eisenstein, de Chaplin a Fritz Lang, de Coppola a Spielberg, de Scorcese a Tarantino, volviendo una y otra vez por la ecuación del delirio y el despotismo que se ha vivido en la patria delante de una cámara. Imaginen cuánto no se habrá vivido en Cuba detrás del lente, allí, en la luneta sin luz donde ya no hay límites…

25th Street, bet. Lexington and Third Aves., NYC
VC, 6th Floor, Conference Room 6-210

CCCNY Members: Free Admission
Non-Members: $10

This event is presented with the promotional collaboration of