El Jucaral, 1851: primer Grito por la independencia de Cuba

Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 6:30pm

Grito de Jucaral, 4 de Julio de 1851

Commemorative Cuban stamp issued in 1951, on the centennial year of El Grito de Jucaral

An illustrated presentation by historian Andrés Castellanos on a relatively unknown event in 19th century Cuba, the first armed insurrection against Spain for the cause of Cuban indpendence. Led by Joaquín de Agüero at Jucaral, Puerto Príncipe (Camagüey), this failed heroic attempt took place 17 years before the Grito de Yara, which would unleash the Ten Years War. A privileged son of the landed aristocracy, Joaquín de Agüero is remembered for his dedication to social justice and his abolitionist ideals, investing his great fortune in the pursuit of Cuba’s freedom. In 1842 he founded a free school for the poor at Guáimaro, and in 1851 he freed his slaves and rose against Spanish oppression. The presentation will include archival photographs and documents related to this historical uprising.

Fordham University @ Lincoln Center

Graduate School of Social Service – Faculty Conference Room 713

113 West 60th Street (off Columbus Ave.), NYC


RSVP: cccofny@aol.com

This event is organized by the History Program of the Cuban Cultural Center of New York.
It will be presented in Spanish. Simulataneous English translation will be available to those who request it beforehand.